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Information and Policies

Welcome to Beanpop Fabrics!

Please carefully read through this information as we've taken a lot of time to make sure it explains our process!

Owner: Karen Parisot

Beanpop Admin: Tabitha Drone, Melissa Michelle



All fabric sold in preorders and/or retail are in 1 yard increments unless otherwise stated.


    • You will be given at least a 24 hour notice prior to each round opening. You can sign up and pay for preorder fabric on our website.
    • Turn around from ROUND CLOSING  is approximately 8 weeks to get fabric in hand, + 2-3 weeks for us to cut and ship.


      • Retail yardage will vary between rounds, some will be very limited. There will be at least 24 hours notice of its availability posted to the Beanpop Fabrics Facebook group and then you can purchase it via listings on our website
      • Disclaimer: Please go off the title of listing. This will always be accurate. We do try our best to ensure the descriptions are correct as well, but our website is not ran by robots (though it certainly would be nice!). This means from time to time, there may be an error in there. Ex: sometimes I may forget to change the verbiage to say retail instead of preorder. If you have ANY questions regarding this, it's always best to ask. 

      Dropped Yardage

      • If there are any unpaid layaway invoices after a round is closed, we will post any orders dropped as available on the Beanpop Fabrics Facebook Group. You may pick those up. It will be first come, first serve. Invoices will be sent immediately and due within 24 hours. All invoicing is done via our website. 

      Cancelling Orders

      • Retail: You can cancel your order within 24 hours of payment. Refund will be provided to you as store credit ONLY. No cancellations after 24 hours. 
      • Preorders: You can cancel your order at any time while the preorder is open. Once the preorder is closed, no cancellations are allowed.

      Combining or editing Orders:

      • Our site does not allow us the ability to manually edit orders in any fashion. This means that we can not add to your order, switch something out, or combine them. If you're order is eligible for cancellation, we can cancel your order, issue you store credit, and you can reorder. This can be done as long as any preorder is STILL open. Preorders that are closed are not eligible. Retail orders can be done, but it is with the risk that something could potentially sell out before you repurchase. We will NOT hold items in retail specifically for the sole purpose of combining. 


      Our designs will be digitally printed. We offer three options regularly:

      Cotton Lycra Knit Fabric: 220-240 gsm, 95/5, 58-60” in width.

      Stretch Cotton Woven:  185 gsm, 58-60" in width.

      French Terry: 220-240 gsm, 58-60" in width. 

      Bamboo Lycra Knit Fabric: 220-240 gsm, 58-60" in width.

      UV Rated 50+ Swim: 220 gsm, 57-58" in width.

      Panel Sizes: Adult: 30x36
                            Youth: 18x22                     

      • Flaws/imperfections are to be expected near the selvage area.
      • Printing is done overseas. Turnaround time will be roughly 8-12 weeks for printing/shipping. Delays can happen due to holidays (USA or internationally), weather, customs, etc. We will keep you updated with any delays.
      • Our fabric is exempt from flammability testing. All fabric is CPSIA/CPSC compliant. 
      • You may share our photos in any WAHM group for interest as long as the Beanpop Fabrics watermark is not removed.
      • We will try our best to give continuous yardage when available. It is not always possible though


      • Prints will be labeled at image release if they are considered coordinates, otherwise assume that they are main prints so far as pricing is concerned.
      • 10% discount on pre orders of 8 yards or more. You CAN mix and match yardage. Use code "WAHM10" at checkout.  


      • $22/ yard for Cotton Lycra and Swim
      • $23/ yard for Stretch Woven, French Terry and Bamboo Lycra
      • $19/ set of 6 Cotton Lycra Pad Panels
      • $20/ set of 6 Stretch Woven or French Terry Pad Panels
      • $32/ set of 12 Cotton Lycra Pad Panels
      • $33/ set of 12 Stretch Woven or French Terry Pad Panels

             Panel pricing:

      • Youth: $10.50 Cotton Lycra
      • Adult: $15.50 Cotton Lycra
      • French Terry and Bamboo Lycra Panels are an additional .50 cents


      • $26/ yard for Cotton Lycra and Swim
      • $27/ yard for Stretch Woven, French Terry and Bamboo Lycra
      • $21 /set of 6 Cotton Lycra Pad Panels
      • $22 /set of 6 Stretch Woven or French Terry Pad Panels
      • $35 /set of 12 Cotton Lycra Pad Panels
      • $36 /set of 12 Stretch Woven or French Terry Pad Panel

            Panel pricing:

      • Youth: $11.50 Cotton Lycra
      • Adult: $16.50 Cotton Lycra
      • French Terry and Bamboo Lycra Panels are an additional .50 cents

      Layaway Fees & Rules

      • Layaway orders are only accepted by selecting "PayPal Invoicing" or "Lay-Buy" at checkout. 
      • If you select PayPal Invoicing: you will get an invoice via PP within 48 hours of placing your order. The split payment option will be selected which means your invoice is allowed up to 3 payments. The minimum payment due within 48 hours of getting your invoice is 30% of your total order. You can make the other payments in any amount that you choose, but your final payment must be made no later than 2 weeks from the date the preorder closes. This option provides the most flexibility and the longest amount of time to pay IF you place the order near the beginning of the preorder! 
      • Lay-Buy powered by PayPal: This is a 50/50 split. The first 50% of your total order amount is automatically deducted at the time you place your order. The second 50% is automatically deducted 1 month later from the date of your order. IE: if you place your order on the 15th of the month, the second payment will come out the 15th of following month. This is a feature that our website offers, not an actual invoice from PP. Shopify charges the customer a 0.8% fee to use this option. This fee is out of our control, we do not get this money. This fee goes to shopify for managing your payment automatically. 
      • NOTE:  Failure to pay final payment on layaway orders results in order cancellation and any payments already made on that invoice will be forfeited. This is because your payment has already been used to pay the printer to make the fabric!
      • Once you have made your final payment you will receive an email from confirming your order.


      You are only eligible for refunds in the form of store credit/replacement yardage if:

      1. Your fabric is shorter than 36" upon receiving it.
      2. Your fabric has undisclosed atypical flaws NOT along the selvage. **
      3. Your fabric has a flaw larger than the size of a nickel.**

      ** (2) & (3) are invalid if you purchased fabric marked as *FLAWED* in the listing.


      • You must contact us within ONE WEEK of your order arriving (as per the tracking number on your package)
      • Fabric that is cut or washed after leaving our possession is NOT eligible for return/replacement.
      • Beanpop Fabrics cannot be held liable for damage that occurs during the shipping and handling process, we strongly encourage you to purchase shipping insurance due to this fact.

      Paypal Disputes

      • Any PayPal dispute filed without first contacting the group owner or admin(s) in attempts to reach a resolution will result in all current orders being cancelled/refunded and the immediate removal from the group.

      Strike Policy 

      We have a 3 strike policy. Here is a list of things can warrant receiving a strike (not all inclusive):

      • Canceled invoices
      • Late payments w/ NO communication
      • Being rude to any group member, to include host or admins 

      Strike 1--you will be PM’d a warning

      Strike 2--you will be PM’d and not allowed to order from next round

      Strike 3--you will be PM’d and removed from the group.

      **Creating unnecessary or unwarranted drama or negativity in any group will cause immediate removal from any and all Beanpop groups. We encourage all of our members to address any issue that may arise with us first.



      USA Domestic:

      • 1 yard First Class: $5.65
      • 2-3 yards PFRE: $7.40
      • 4-5 yards Regional Rate A $12.00
      • 6-7 yards MFRB: $14.45
      • 8-13 yards LFRB: $18.55
      • 14+ yards: shipping will vary based on buyer zip code - FedEx
      • Local to Colorado Springs, CO? You many choose "Local Pickup (Colorado Only)" at checkout. If you choose this option, you MUST tag Karen Diana Parisot in our facebook group and let her know that you are PM'ing her to set up a pick up time. 


      • International shipping prices vary based on country. Our site is set up for Iceland, Australia, Canada & New Zealand for USPS First Class International. If your country is not listed, please email us at so we can add your country.  
      • International Hold Program: We love all of our international customers and understand that between the shipping costs and the exchange rate, it can certainly add up! We want to do everything we can to save you as much money as we can! The hold program allows you to order from a few rounds/retail with no shipping cost initially. We then store your fabric until we have enough to fill a box or you tell us you want to go ahead and ship. We will package up your pretties & then invoice you the exact shipping amount. This feature is available on our website! When checking out, just choose the “International Hold Program” as the shipping option. 

      *Insurance for your package is suggested, but not required. You will be responsible for covering the cost of any additional insurance if you request it for orders that do not qualify for flat-rate box shipping. Flat rate shipping covers up to a $50 value.

      Fabric Designs

      We use a variety of sources. Some designs are hand designed by us or hired designers. Some are stock art images and some are designs that we have purchased through other artists. When using stock art or purchasing from an artist, the designs/licenses to print do NOT always include exclusivity for our group only. All we ask is that if you see us post a design, that you know another fabric group has or is currently running, that you let us know so we can be sure that we are not running the same design at the same time as another host is. We always want to be respectful to fellow fabric hosts, but still be able to provide our customers the fabrics you want. It is impossible for us to keep up with everything being done by others, so we appreciate your help, support & understanding in this!


      Your admin team is always available to help you in any way! While Karen is the owner of the group, she is a mom of 4 & she also owns a boutique cloth diaper and clothing store and is sewing 95% of the time. We kindly ask that you direct PM’s to the Beanpop admins (listed above) or email us at